Volpe Renovations

Vancouver Renovations & General Contracting

Here at Volpe Renovations we pride ourselves in our years of experience in helping you make your home into the Beautiful; yet practical castle that you have always dreamed of!

We offer fully custom Interior Renovations including Luxurious Bathrooms and Gorgeous Kitchens with all of the Cultured Stone & Wooden Interior Decor to match.

We have been serving the GVRD area for years now, whether it’s a total Interior Renovation or an Exterior Project to “Complete” the overall look of your home or business, you can be assured you are in good hands.

The Team Here at Volpe Renovations also like to think a home or business should be Practical and more importantly: Safe! We Specialize in Assisted Living & Handicap Friendly Renovations including Handrail Installation & Safety/Accessibility Assessments for Businesses.

We have some of the Best Suppliers in British Columbia and we can source any kind of custom material or asset you might want. You would be surprised at the variety of options we offer in comparison to any of our competition.


Here at Volpe Renovations we specialize in various forms of Cedar and Wood Sidings with Accents that are an integral part of the overall appeal of a home.


Here at Volpe Renovations we have been Renovating Bathrooms for years, we have an extensive stock of various materials and tops with an inventory of elaborate, eye-catching accessories to offer with custom, beautiful attention to detail Interior Design.

Kitchen Renovations

The Kitchen is one of the most important spaces in a home and Volpe Renovations creates elegant modern designs with our experienced eyes for detail and large selection of custom options.